Football team breaks trophy

(Photo: Tyler Peterson)

by Tyler Peterson

The energy at the pep rally was strong, even after the football team broke their trophy.

At the rally around 200 students came together to watch athletes and clubs participate in games, like Mario Cart, Volley Ball Toss, Hungry Hungry Hippos, and Racing Rock Paper Scissors.

To kick off the rally Athletes, SGA representatives, and club officers came into the Field House psyching the crowd up, throwing T-shirts, rubber bracelets, and tennis balls into the crowd.

The most shocking entrance came from the football team. Three football players ran out, with one of the players waving the football trophy in his hands. Feeling the energy of the crowd, the player kept waving the trophy until the top fell off and smashed into pieces on the floor. There was a shocked moment of silence before turning into roars of cheer and support.

(Photo: Tyler Peterson)

Football player freshman Montel Johnson said, “For us it was kind of funny, but it was kind of like we don’t know how long that trophy has been here, so it didn’t really matter to us that much.”

Football player freshman Cam Johnson said, “If we just do our thing and don’t think about (breaking the trophy) too much we should do great.”

The Director of Athletics, Rachel Burleson, was happy with the the pep rally. Burleson said, “This is exactly the feel we wanted it to be. Again it was great to see that it wasn’t just student athletes, it was student athletes and the student body, it was kind of thing that we have been pushing for this year, but our S.A.A.C. representative have been tremendous in getting the word out and really pushing it and trying to make it campus wide.”


Transparency statement:

For this article, I attended the pep rally in person. I interviewed people after the event, and took photos during the event while observing and writing facts to use for later. I came up with the questions as they became relevant throughout the event and to the person. I tried to focus on the spirit and energy of the school and how the event was trying to bring the whole community together.


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