PAC hosts their traditional Boston Celtic bus trip

by Edwin Sanchez
edited by Luke Tracy

The Pierce Activities Council (PAC) will be holding a bus trip on March 1st to watch the Boston Celtics take on the Washington Wizards at TD Garden stadium.

(Photo: NBCSports)

PAC held a “first come, first serve” ticket sale on Tuesday, February 19th.

PAC advisor Alicia Berry said, “We had 50 tickets available. They sold out in less than 15 minutes. All day people continued to ask the information desk if there were any more.”

This is not the first time PAC has held an event like this. Junior Alex Chin who was able to grab a ticket on Tuesday, said “I’ve been going for all three years that I’ve been here at Franklin Pierce.”

“The event has ultimately been run the same way every year, the only difference is if they win or lose!” said Berry.

On the date of the game, March 1st, there will be a single coach bus that will arrive at 5p.m., and will proceed to take the 50 ticket holders to the event.




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When preparing to write the article, I first snapped a picture of a sign around campus regarding the ticket sale. Once I found out the basic information about the ticket sale, I made plans to be there. On the day of the sale I made it down there and was able to grab a couple quotes from a student who won a ticket. I was pressed for time on the day of the sale so I was only able to grab quotes from one person. On the following day, I sent an email out to the PAC advisor, asking her questions regarding the event and let her know that I was writing for the exchange. She was more than happy to answer questions and with the information I received, I was able to write the article.

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