Psychic fair in the books

by Edwin Sanchez
edited by Tyler Comeau

A three-hour long psychic fair open to anyone on campus was brought to Franklin Pierce on Friday, March 1st by Student Involvement.

(Photo: Edwin Sanchez)

The fair consisted of four different stations, each providing different information and different types of readings.

Freshman Alex O’Dowd said, “I thought what the guy told me was pretty accurate, but I have heard that their strategy is to say pretty general things that apply to most people. I tried to take it with a grain of salt.”

Freshman Lauryn Rogers said the information she received was accurate as well. Rogers went on to compare her experience to other psychic readings she received in the past and said, “This one was different. This one was a lot more believable.”

The psychic fair brought many interested people down to the Glass Foyer. Student Involvement will continue to host events like this throughout the year, such as a Red Sox ticket sale and performance by comedian Kiry Shabazz are a couple events that are right around the corner.






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When preparing to write the article, I took a picture of a poster that I saw around campus regarding the psychic fair. After writing down the information, I made plans to attend the fair on that Friday night. When I got to the fair there was many people and while I was on line I was able to speak to Freshman student, Lauryn Rogers. Pressed for time, I had to leave the fair shortly after that and I was unable to grab another quote. I decided to reach out to a student that I saw at the fair and asked him a few questions via Instagram.

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