Slice Of Intramural Life

by Shawn Anzalone

Intramural sports are a great way to have fun and enjoy a sport you might not be the best in the world at, at least that’s my view of them. However the perspective of sophomore Brendan Manning, an intramural referee on campus, offers a better lens into what being involved with intramurals as a referee is like.

I met with Brendan in his dorm about a half hour before he was scheduled to be at the Bubble for tonight’s intramural floor hockey game. “It’s a mindset thing more than anything,” said Manning, “ you just got to be prepared to not let anything bother you after you make a call.” It didn’t take long for Manning to prepare for the game, he didn’t even have a uniform to put on  so Manning with just his whistle in hand walked to the Bubble across the snowy campus.

“ Honestly, it’s probably going to be be some sloppy hockey tonight,” Manning explained to me along the numbingly cold walk, “but maybe you’ll get lucky and see something interesting.” I took a seat on the bench and watched Manning trot up and down the floor trying to keep pace with the intramural athletes. Manning was in clear control of the game the whole time, nobody seemed fed up with him either, “ Basketball season is a whole different story. I take some heat from them,” Manning said nonchalantly while we talked during halftime. “Gotta get back to it catch you after the second half Manning said as he hustled back out to the floor.”

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