Residential life housing selection has started

by Joshua Labrecque
edited by Paul Lambert

The housing selection process began April 10th and will run through April 25th.

Current freshmen need to pick up housing cards at Residential Life. They will have until April 22nd to fill them out and bring them back to Residential Life. Current sophomores and juniors have already picked them up and have until April 15th to return them.

Experience Director Marisa Najarian said, “We will walk you through the whole process. You will have to fill the housing contract out on the second page as well as the meal plan if you choose to have one.” The front of the packet will tell students if they are cleared by the rest of the departments on campus.

(Photo: Joshua Labrecque)

Chris Johnson, Senior Experience Director, said, “The junior class is so big it will be pushing every class down a house and it will be like a trickle-down effect.”  Johnson would go on to say that it will be a process but that students and Res Life will get through it.

Current freshmen will be picking their dorms on April 25th and sophomores and juniors will be picking on April 18th.  Both selections will be held in the Field House. The order students get to choose their housing will be determined by the number they are given by Res Life. 


There is a crisis of trust in journalism right now.

Many Americans say they don’t trust the news media anymore, and poll after poll shows that they want newspapers to be more transparent about how the news is gathered.

This semester the Exchange is asking its reporters to describe what they did to report the facts, in what we’re calling a transparency statement.  We ask our readers to feel free to use the comment boxes at the bottom of each article to call them out when the reporters may not have done enough and to compliment them when you think they’ve done a good job.

In order to write this Article I had to meet with both Marisa Najarian and Chris Johnson of Residential Life and asked them what the process of housing is this year and what are the problems we could face.


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