Frankie P. Friday: airbrush backpacks

by Alena Masterson
edited by Walker John

Personalized airbrush backpacks or totes were available in the glass foyer this past Friday, April 12th.

The students had to get a board and write their name, pick two colors they wanted on the bag, and then choose the font of writing.

(Photo: Alena Masterson)

Many students flowed in as they came and went from dinner. “We love going to every Frankie P. Friday, every Friday,” said junior Ensley Hostetter. “It gives us something to look forward,” said junior Kelly Wilson.

The students had a choice between a string or tote bag. Different designs were available like Wilson who asked for a flower.

Frankie P. Fridays have been very popular this year with all the different activities they bring, like these airbrush bags. “I think it’s really nice and creative. It’s a good way to get merchandise from the school you normally wouldn’t,” said freshmen Kellen McDonald.




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For this article I interviewed three students who attended the event. All the interviews were in person and just asked what the event was. Also asked, how they liked this event and other events like these. I stayed around and saw how the process of making and customizing the airbrush bags. I also took different pictures of the event and ended up selecting the one of one of the people I interviewed, being Kellen.

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