Literary Society hosts first ever Poetry Night

by Samantha DeSouza
edited by Tyler Comeau

Twenty aspiring writers showed up and participated in the Literary Society’s first ever creative writing workshop and poetry slam.

(Photo: Raven Nation App)

The night consisted of writing prompts for people to work on by themselves as well as group prompts. For one exercise, a sentence was written on the board and a piece of paper went around to each person. The catch was, you could only see the sentence that was written before you. This caused an interesting story about bigfoot to be written.

Freshman Lauren Christensen said, “I enjoyed learning how to write creatively which is different than what college students are typically allowed to do.”

Another exercise that the participants took part in was having to write “twitter” stories. You had to write a story in the length of a tweet which can only be 140 characters┬álong.

Snacks and drinks were provided along with a raffle. Each person got five raffle tickets at the beginning and each time someone read their story or writing out loud, they got another raffle ticket. Some of the prizes included were socks, notebooks, wooden pencils, a book light, and pens.




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I attended the Literacy Society’s poetry night and took place and the writing exercises that happened. While there I talked to a few different people about the event. For this article, I used the photo that was used on the Raven Nation App. For the interviews, I conducted them over the phone.

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