Movie night and prizes held on campus

by Edwin Sanchez
edited by Alexa Asta

A movie night was held in Spagnuolo Hall Friday night, April 12th with around 20 students in attendance thanks to the Accounting Club.

(Photo: Edwin Sanchez)

The movie presented was “The Accountant,” starring Ben Affleck.

“It’s a good action movie and funny because it has nothing to do with accounting,” said junior John Mede.

“The Accounting Club is actually new this semester and this movie night was our first event,” said senior and treasurer of the club Kaitlyn Puzzo.

In addition to the film, there were free raffle tickets and prizes raffled off. Two prizes were given out prior to the start of the movie and two were given out after the movie.

Prizes included a hydro flask, a bean bag chair, a weighted blanket and a $50 Amazon gift card.

Popcorn was provided by the club as well.

“I enjoyed myself. Free movie, the raffle tickets, free popcorn, I would definitely suggest an event like this to my friends on campus if there were to be another great or newer movie held,” said Mede.


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When completing my article for the exchange, I found out about the movie night event from posters around campus, the Raven Nation app, and through emails as well. After finding out more details regarding the event, I made it a priority to be there and stay throughout the entire event. I was able to see the raffle tickets and prizes given out and even watched the movie too. When the movie concluded, I made sure to ask a couple questions to the Accounting club member who was running the event and I also made sure to ask a few questions to another person who attended the event. I got both of their phone numbers as well, just in case I thought of further questions or missed any details.

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