Students miss class to buy Red Sox tickets

by Cas Szulc
edited by Tyler Peterson

(Photo: Associated Press)

Many students missed class as 32 Red Sox tickets went on sale on April 10th at 11 a.m.

The time of the sales forced students to make decisions on whether or not they should attend class. Sophomore Eben Gourlay said, “With ticket sales at 11, it forces me to make a decision between going to class or seeing the Sox for 20 bucks… this means that I indeed missed my class.”

Several students said they wanted to see the ticket times changed to later in the day as they are attending class or other requirements at the 11 o’clock time slot. Sophomore Carina Dillon said, “I feel like 11 is a time that most students have class. Even pushing it to 3 o’clock would allow more to attend,”

The concern of a number of participants was to give everyone the chance to attend a fun event off campus. Gourlay said, “I feel like this event is somewhat exclusive because of the time selected for ticket sales.”

Dillon said, “I have a few friends that are disappointed that they did not even have the chance to buy a ticket.”

Students will be in attendance at Fenway Park in Boston as the Boston Red Sox host the Tampa Bay Rays on Saturday, April 27th. Tickets were sold at the information desk.


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I waited in line with many others and heard about how they were missing class or other requirements to attend. (I did not miss class for this event.) 

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