Academic showcase poster session

Roughly 70 posters were presented in Spagnuolo Hall where hundreds of students entered to see their peers research.

Jeremy Wood, Cole Dorman, and Marissa Farago with their poster titled “What is the relationship between gut health and mental health?” (Photo: Alena Masterson)

The poster session is the biggest event for the academic showcase as freshmen to seniors present various fact-finding information from historical figures to the prevention of diabetes. Sophomore Marissa Carbone who presented a poster on cupping therapy said, “I’m a little nervous, in fact my hands are shaking a bit, but I am confident about my research and poster.”

Marissa Carbone with her poster titled “Cupping Therapy, an Effective Treatment Method, or Just a Fad?” (Photo: Alena Masterson)

Robert Goodby, doctor of anthropology who puts together the poster session, was very impressed with all the research and amount of students who showed up. “I love this event. There’s such an energy, when there’s lots of conversation,” said Dr. Goodby.

The only thing he said he would want to change is the location so that there is more space. The lack of space doesn’t stop anyone from looking.

Junior Rebecca Zylak and senior Eileen Savinelli did a poster on the Efficacy of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)  its effect on males versus females. Both of the ladies were excited to present, but Rebecca Zylak though it could be improved saying, “I think it’s quite loud and everyone is very close together.”

All the students have their posters approved by a faculty advisor and submit their poster to be apart of the showcase. Sophomores Jeremy Wood, Cole Dorman, and Marissa Farago did a poster on the relationship between gut health and mental health and commented on the process. Jeremy Wood said, “I heard the topic on a radio talk show, Cole has irritable bowel syndrome or IBS, and Marissa is studying nutrition so we were all really interested in the topic.”

All the individuals interviewed who had a poster said it’s important to pick a relevant topic with lots of

Abigail Purches with her poster titled “Bela Blake: Seafaring Merchant from Rindge, New Hampshire” (Photo: Alena Masterson)

information on it as well as making sure you are interested in the topic. Like freshmen, Abigail Purches who did her poster on historical figure Bela Blake a seafaring merchant from Rindge, New Hampshire. Purches was interested in her topic and said,” I’m a history major as well as fascinated by unique people, like this world traveler (Bela Blake).”

The poster session has been a great success in past years, and proves to continue to draw many new topics of research and curious students.

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