Doctor Jess Landis speaks on the importance of studying Shakespeare in todays world.

by Ethan Pellegrino

edited by Walker John

Doctor Jess Landis illustrated the relevance of Shakespeare’s work as she led the presentation, “Everyday Shakespeare”, at the Academic Showcase.

Landis and her students, who were studying shakespeare this semester, presented the everstill importance of the classic literature in the Fitzwater Center from 3pm to 4pm.

Before each presentation, a student would present their favorite sonnet or literature. The presenter also prepared to defend why this was his or her favorite sonnet.

For some speakers, the work affected them personally. “We see references across modern day genres all the time if we open our eyes,” a presenter said.

Seating was very limited, and the presentation was broadcasted online to the fitzwater youtube channel. The audience witnessed connections between modern day life and the text that the students presented.  “The connections made between Shakespeare and all aspects of modern society shows how prevalent it is and why it’s such an important subject (to study),” said freshman Alena Masterson.

(photo: Ethan Pellegrino)


There is a crisis of trust in journalism right now.

Many Americans say they don’t trust the news media

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This semester the Exchange is asking its reporters to describe what they did to report the facts, in what

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To write this article I went to this showcase, observed other students who also attended. I then interviewed Alena Masterson on her opinion of the presentation.

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