A weekend of baseball is a good weekend

by: Ian Melewski

Clouds slowly started to roll in and tried to cover the blue sky over Pappas Field, as Cam Supple prepared for his double header against Quinnipiac.

“It was the perfect day for it, had to be in the mid 60s”, said Cam Supple, a sophomore on the club baseball team.

Supple has been around the game of baseball since he could walk. His first memories of the game came at the age of four years old when he watched a few games with his father. His favorite MLB team happened to have the most championships in the league: the New York Yankees. His favorite player was Derek Jeter. At the age of six, when Supple got his opportunity to play T-ball he requested the number two, the same as Jeter’s.

Supple tried other sports such as soccer and football, but baseball stuck. Through Little League, to high school to club ball at college, baseball was his sport.

The clouds cleared on the Saturday afternoon as Supple got his opportunity to play at the end of the first game. He put on his helmet and batting gloves and approached the left side of the batter’s box. Supple looked at the first pitch that crossed the plate a little outside, but the ump raised his arm, calling the first strike. Supple stepped out, adjusted his helmet, looked down the third base line at his coach, and stepped back in.

This time the bat came off his shoulders. Supple swung on time for the fastball coming in on him and made good contact, but he was just a half inch too high on the ball, and he chopped one over to shortstop. He hustled down line knowing it was going to be an out, and also knowing this would be the final out of the lopsided game. Before he stomped down on the bag, the ball punched into the first baseman’s glove, game over. Franklin Piece fell 10-3.

In game two, however Supple had plenty of action. He played at second base and got two put- outs, along with a smooth double play.

“My throw could have been better. It was a little low, but I still got him,” Supple said about his throw to first.

Supple, didn’t record a hit but got on base twice when he was hit by pitch, and then walked coming in the final inning as Franklin Pierce attempted a comeback against the Bobcats. Supple, however was stranded at first as Quinnipiac would get the final two outs, ending the game with a Bobcats win, 6-4.

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