The future of food at the academic showcase

by Edwin Sanchez
edited by Tyler Peterson

(Photo: Edwin Sanchez)

The academic showcase held a “Future of Food” presentation at Marcucella Hall in room 102 on Tuesday April 23, from 11:00a.m. to 12:00p.m.

The presentation consisted of seven different presenters that discussed various problems and solutions regarding food.

Some topics that were discussed were lack of clean water, fast-food restaurants, school lunches, factory farming and more.

“There needs to be changes in the food system in the United States, whether it’s food education, food regulations or whatever the case may be, but something definitely needs to be done,” Freshman Bastian Thormeier said.

“The first thing to solving a problem, is to recognize that there is one,” said Thormeier.

Thormeier was responsible for a presentation that discussed nutrition in the United States compared to nutrition in European countries.

Marcucella Hall was filled with students and professors throughout the presentation.

Freshman Yanai Sayag said, “I think we really understood here that there are many problems in the culture of food and there needs to be solutions.”

The presentations gave students the opportunity to learn about facts and research that they may not have been aware of prior to the presentation.

“I was actually not familiar with the amount of fast-food restaurants that are actually in business here in the U.S and the amount of sugar consumed on average by students,” said Thormeier.

Professor Brenna Manuel said, “This is a time for students to do the research, look at the facts,

and then make decisions for themselves.”


There is a crisis of trust in journalism right now.  Many Americans say they don’t trust the news media anymore, and poll after poll shows that they want newspapers to be more transparent about how the news is gathered.

This semester the Exchange is asking its reporters to describe what they did to report the facts, in what we’re calling a transparency statement.  We ask our readers to feel free to use the comment boxes at the bottom of each article to call them out when the reporters may not have done enough and to compliment them when you think they’ve done a good job.

When completing my article, I was assigned to attend the “future of food” presentation during the academic showcase. I made sure to arrive to the event 15 minutes beforehand and took some pictures and talked to some of the people that were already there. I made sure to grab a good seat as well. I made it a priority to stay throughout the whole thing and even took some notes during the presentations as well. When the presentations were all finished, I immediately talked to two people at the event before they left and also had a conversation with the professor in charge too. I asked those that I interviewed if they were okay with me recording our conversation to make sure I got my quotations correct as well. After the presentations and my interviews, I reviewed my notes and began to write my article.

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