Bodybuilder’s first competition is a success

by Luke Newman

Malachi Copeland had been intensely training to get his body in shape for the past two and a half months, on April 27th he competed in his first competition.

The Jay Cutler Classic competition was held in the John Hancock Theater on Berkeley Street in Boston, where bodybuilders gathered to compete toe to toe in different categories. The host of the event, Jason Isaac Cutler, is an American IFBB professional bodybuilder and four-time Mr. Olympia winner who was at the event in the lobby selling t-shirts along with other well known bodybuilders selling their sponsored pre-workout powders and gear.

The hot theater was filled with men and women with dark tans and high spirits, cheering competitors, and friends and family who would roar and cheer as the ones they knew took the stage and struck their poses.

There were different categories tin the competition. The events were Bodybuilding, Classic Physique, Fitness, Figure, Bikini, and Men’s and Women’s Physique.

First time competitor Copeland came down from Nashua New Hampshire for an early 8a.m. check in. Copeland was competing in the Classic Physique category. With the support of his trainer from Tomcat Athletics and friends he took the stage during his event.

“Before I hit the stage all I was concerned about was hitting my poses and making myself and the people that came to see me proud,” said Copeland.

Copeland walked out in front of the packed crowd after the other competitors in his event had finished and struck his poses in front of the six judges at the foot of the stage. People screamed out words of encouragement.

After all contestants in his group had completed the first phase in their event, they wait in heavy anticipation, flexing their muscles hoping hear their number called for a second evaluation from the judges. A staff member asked the contestants to come forward in a line, then give them instructions. “Turn to the right…face the curtain…face the judges,” said the staff member, giving the judges an opportunity to see the contestants from every angle. Contestants utilize moving in between poses to ensure they can flex at any time to impress the judges.

The staff member then asks contestants to switch places. Moving one contestants next to another allows judges to compare them. Everytime a contestant is moved, there is a huge cry of encouragement from the packed theater.

Copeland was given the opportunity to stand in front of the judges again, and was moved next to another opponent for comparison. This means that Copeland had something good to show to the judges which constituted a further inspection. A huge victory for a first time competitor.

Copeland did not get picked for the final round which would take place at 7:00 p.m. that day, but was optimistic about his performance and the months of regimented work to get him here.

“Next time my off season will be much longer and now I know what to expect so my posing, conditioning and physique will be improved from scratch,” said Copeland. “Since now I know the basics it won’t be much of a learning process through my competition prep.”

(Photo: Malachi Copeland) Jay Cutler (left) and Copeland (right)

After the competition, Copeland and other competitors, who had been following strict diets leading up to the Jay Cutler Classic, stormed into a restaurant called Fire and Ice for a hibachi style all you can eat buffet.

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