Gas found in Turkey mountains causing fires

by Brendan Manning
edited by Tyler Comeau

Scientists have discovered a gas inside of a mountain range in southwest Turkey that is causing fire to erupt, according to the NY Times.

The gas has been caused by chemical reactions within the rocks. The chemical reaction is more common than previously thought.

“We have discovered these unusual types of methane in many, many sites,” said Giuseppe Etiope, a member of the group that first discovered the chemical reaction.

(Photo: Ny Times)

This discovery has led to more awareness to the chemical reactions within rocks around the world.

“We now have a better understanding of the different way we can make methane on Earth,” said  Bénédicte Menez, a geomicrobiologist at a Paris university studying the earth.

The chemical reactions happen a few miles south of the earth’s surface and is a mixture of water and rocks.


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