Sophomore star provides in depth look at her journey

by Trent Dunn

Sophie Holmes walks into an empty fieldhouse, ties her sneakers, and makes her way to the three-point line. She shoots her first shot and drains it, which is something the Franklin Pierce women’s basketball team and fans saw countless times this past year. 

Holmes spent several hours every day in a gym to perfect her shot all through her basketball career. It paid off this past season when she became the Ravens leading scorer averaging 12.9 points per game. 

“Hard work pays off and I think I’m a perfect example that shows that. Last year, being a freshman and only averaging six points per game really made me grow up a lot,” Holmes said. 

(Photo: Luke Tracy)

“This season showed that all this hard work, all the practices and shootarounds in the gym, works. I got a lot of playing time.” 

I stood there and watched as she drained shot after shot from every spot on the court. 

After she was done shooting around, Holmes packed her gray backpack and we walked out into the wind.

“Yeah, my role was obviously much bigger this year than last year, but we all play a hand in this team. We are working towards a goal and we want to achieve that.” When I asked her what that goal was, she said, “we want to be NE-10 champions and go from there.” 

The women’s basketball team was filled with young players, consisting of all freshmen and sophomores. 

“We were really young this season, but a lot of what we did later in the year showed how close we became, I’m just glad we are able to help each other grow as a unit,” Holmes said. 

Holmes said she wants to be a full-fledged leader next year. “I’m ready to help lead this team, not only on the basketball court but off it as well.” 

It is a role Holmes has waited for and proof that all those long hours in a gym shooting a basketball actually pays off.

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