Newsbrief: Possible annexation of West Bank puts peace at jeopardy

by Alena Masterson
edited by Andrew Hoenig

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is having people question the future of the peace between Israel and Palestine, as he leans towards the annexation of the West Bank, according to the New York Times.

As the prime minister faces re-election, he is trying to win over the far-right politicians by promising to be more aggressive in taking land of the West Bank by setting up Jewish settlements. Although this greatly violates peace talks and agreements, many Palestinians say it is no surprise.

(Photo: New York Times) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu campaigning at a Jerusalem market.

The annexation of the West Bank has been happening for a long time and many people believe this was Israel’s goal all along. Fadi Quran, an activist in the West Bank city of Ramallah, said, “The truth is that annexation has been happening for the last 50 years; it just hasn’t been directly called annexation.”

Netanyahu may have been encouraged by the first ever recognition of Israel’s authority by a U.S. president, which has gone against decades of American policies. Chief peace negotiator for Palestine, Saeb Erekat, believes that Netanyahu and Trump want to destroy the two-state solution which could result in war.

Though many believe that the prime minister’s statement came as no surprise some believe it was to anger the popular Palestine political party to a more militant attitude. Other bordering countries are wary to intervene and also question what this could mean for the future of the West Bank and peace between the two states.

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