Low turn out for prelaw workshop means personalized guidance

by Ethan Pellegrino
edited by Tyler Comeau

Franklin Pierce provides free seminars to better prepare law students for graduate programs, but only one participant showed up at the most recent workshop on April 17th.

Franklin Pierce organizes seminars held in the Fitzwater Center conference room. The series revolves around better preparing upperclassmen for job placement and acceptances into law schools.

The seminar on the 17th discussed what students must do to be accepted into a law program. Senior Tyler Price ran the seminar, and was able to give the one participant personal guidance.

Price said, “Studying for LSAT as soon as possible is key along with getting the right books” Tyler gathered his knowledge on preparation by both researching on his own, as well as reaching out to Franklin Pierce alumni who followed this track.


(Photo: Franklin Pierce University)


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I gathered this information by attending this seminar, additionally discussing with Tyler Price the event and its purpose.

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