Raven bingo presented students with a “unique twist”

by Samantha DeSouza
edited by Tyler Comeau

At the beginning of raven bingo, students were told of a new rule which left students excited and worried.

(Photo: Samantha DeSouza).

The new rule that was in place for the night was people who had bingo now had to also answer a trivia question to claim their prize. If the student didn’t know the answer they could ask a friend for help. If their friend got the answer wrong also, the current game would resume.

48 students located in Spag Hall quickly tried to remember all they could about FPU in case they got bingo. Freshman Lauryn Rogers said, “I thought it was a unique twist to include trivia questions.”

Junior Katey Comstock also enjoyed the new rule. Comstock said, “I liked that there were trivia facts about Franklin Pierce.”

The questions asked had to do with the athletics program, buildings on campus, and information about the founding of the university. One question, for example, was “Where do students go for help on a writing assignment?”

Once the trivia question was correctly answered, the winner was given a tote bag filled with franklin pierce gear. Some of the prizes included were a cup, a lanyard, a mouse pad, sticky notes, and maple syrup.

Raven bingo was the last event of the Academic Showcase and was a “very calm and collective game,” said Comstock.





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I attended raven bingo at 5 pm in Spag Hall. During the event, I took notes about the new rules and what was happening. I counted how many people took place in the game to get an accurate count. I conducted my interviews in person once the event was done. I took multiple photos during the event and picked the one I thought was best.

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