A British-born Isis teenager dies in the care of Syrian forces after surrender.

by Ethan Pellegrino
edited by Gavin Clark

An British born-Isis teenager dies in the care of Syrian forces after surrender.

The author Rukimini Callimachi wrote that a 19 year old who slipped out of the hands of her parents to fight for Isis in Syria is reported dead four years after her departure, according to the New York Times.

The British teenager left to fight for Isis at the age of 15, now four years later is reported to be dead after surrendering to an American-backed coalition force, the Syrian Democratic Forces, which brought her to a detention camp.

The influx of women and children into these camps yielded more and more deaths inside of these facilities due to malnourishment. “She was held there alongside other fighters’ wives, and was found by Anthony Loyd,” the Times article said.

The Times reported the British born teenager showed no remorse for joining the Islamic State as she said, “It was like normal life” In fact in a interview held before by BBC she indicated that the Manchester concert bombing was justified.

NYTimes also reports that she was pregnant with a third child after having two in the country. However a translator had posted via twitter that the just weeks old infant was found dead. However, these posts were deleted shortly after.








(Photo: NY Times)

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