Students attend the premiere of Game of Thrones for the last time

by Patrick McDonough
edited by Walker John

An excited audience of 35 people waited for the premiere of Game of Thrones, season eight, in Spagnuolo Hall on April 16 at 8 p.m.

Marisa Najarian, Experience Director for New Hampshire and Mt. Washington Halls, was responsible for coming up with the idea to host this event.

“It was always something people were mentioning or making references to. It was not one group of people [attending the event]. It was something to bring everyone together to just geek out and enjoy the show,” said Najarian.

Marisa Najarian, Experience Director (Photo: Patrick McDonough)

Game of Thrones has been a beloved show for audiences worldwide, including students at Franklin Pierce. This season is the last and has been highly anticipated. Soda, pizza, and other snacks were provided.

Freshman Collin Sullivan, who watched the episode, said, “Great opening to the final season, I would certainly go again.”




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In order to obtain the quotes and information necessary for this article I interviewed Collin Sullivan in person.  Later I arranged an interview with Marisa Najarian.

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